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BCW is my initials: Brian Craig Wallace. I'm 43, but don't look or act 43. I like to play DOOM, DOOM2, HERETIC, HereticII, Quake, Duke Nuke'm 3D , FinalDOOM and many older favorites like Space Invaders, Centipede, Tetris and such. I also have some Gameboys that I play many of these games on. I have quite a few computers and try to keep NAUG, Nashua Amiga Users Group alive. I have two A500 one of which is in a BODEGA BAY with 9M RAM and 540M HD, I have an A1000 and CD32 as well. I run the BBCs as an ethernet network and have a number of orphan computers (Osborne1, TI99/4A, C64...) about.

Computers and Music are basically hobbies and I work as a electronics technician generally, last at Avici. I went to high school at B.G. and also attended U.N.H. for awhile.

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Windows95 The Mouse Problem with DirectX

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