Text templates are used in various places within Mystic to define the output of certain generators, such as all files listings, new file arrival annoucements, and more.

Each code translates to a specific value, so for the sake of this example lets say @CODE@ translates to "Hello" when it is encountered in a text template.

In some cases, a simple translation will be sufficient, but often times additional formatting will be required in order to achieve the desired output. In order to provide formatting capabiltities, each code can have any number of functions applied to them by using the hypen - after the code name.

For example:


A code can have zero or any number of functions applied to it. The following functions are available to use:

Function Descrption Example

A<text> Append <text> to end of value @CODE-A World@ C<char><len> Center pads using <char> to <len> spaces @CODE-C 20@
D<char>        Duplicate <char> to the length of code    @CODE-D=@
L<char><len>   Left pad using <char> to <len> spaces     @CODE-L 20@
P<text>        Prepend <text> to beginning of value      @CODE-PHi! @
R<char><len>   Right pad using <char> to <len> spaces    @CODE-R 20@
S<orig>=<new>  Replace text <orig> with text <new>       @CODE-SHello=Goodbye@

Not yet implemented, possible ideas:

U              Convert to all upper case
L              Convert to all lower case

F<char><len> Dupe <char>, (<len> - code length) times W<char<num> Get word <num> using <char> as word delim


@CODE@ was equal to a value of Hello, then:

@CODE-A World@ = "Hello World"
@CODE-SHello=Goodbye@ = "Goodbye"

@CODE-R 30@            = "Hello                         "
@CODE-R.30@            = "Hello........................."
@CODE-A World-R.30@    = "Hello World..................."
@CODE-D=@              = "====="  (dupe "=" to the length of the value of code)

Draw a box that works regardless of length of @CODE@:

| @CODE@ |

| Hello |