Nodespy notes

Nodespy Alt Problem
Most if not all Desktops and Terminals take over the Alt key. On the Raspberry Pi Raspbian OS in the LXTerminal click on Edit, Preferences, Advanced, then click Disable using Alt-n for tabs and menu. Then your Alt key will work for nodespy. There are like methods for other OS (Ubuntu for example).

On Ubuntu when you hit Alt the Edit menu opens, so Select Keyboard Shortcuts, and click off Enable menu access keys. You'll find they will re-enable at some point, but you can just do the same each time it happens and you want to use the Alt for nodespy (same for Raspbian).

Some keys are getting hidden now:
SPACEBAR to see BBS list (normal up and down arrows to move around)
ENTER to try to connect.
ESC to exit
ALT-E to edit login settings
ALT-X to hang-up