For general Linux use I most often use Ubuntu 20.03 LTS right now. That's the current Long Term System version of Ubuntu (generally good for 5 years). I've mentioned you can use Notepad++ under Linux using wine to Avon and others. So here's how:

Adding PortableApps under Ubuntu (or most x86 Linux).

First note: I generally use the terminal for most stuff, just like I used to with the Amiga. So I'm telling you how using the Terminal which you bring up with Ctrl-Alt-T in Ubuntu.

# Loading wine
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 ; sudo apt update

sudo apt install wine64 wine32 #full 64 & 32 bit versions like Win10

wine --version #can check version if you want to know

https://portableapps.com/ #All portableapps will run under wine

You can download the current PortableApps setup to a USB stick or you can download just the programs you want and put them on the system in a directory like /windows. If you dual-boot you can use the real windows directory as I have below. You can install PortableApps on the PC itself under windows, it's part of the install options. If so it will end up under the path I used. Under Development you will find: Notepad++ Portable - A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting Notepad2 Portable - Simple, lightweight text editor Notepad2-mod Portable - Lightweight text editor and many other PortableApps. Just to run the one App it's best to make a /windows directory to hold windows files and run it from there:

sudo mkdir /windows
sudo chmod 777 /windows #to make it easier to do things in /windows

If you downloaded just the App it generally ends up in ~/Downloads so change to there and move it where you want (/windows):

cd ~/Downloads
wine Notepad2Portable_4.2.25_Rev_2_English.paf.exe #or name of App you used

You can load the full PortableApps and install stuff to it like a USB stick instead of just the one or two Apps you want. It will come up with a graphical window for Destination Folder, point it at your /windows or whatever path your using. If you get a write error, you need to go back and do that 'sudo chmod 777 /windows', then it will run. Click Cancel rather then just Finish as wine might just crash otherwise. If you look at /windows it will now contain the PortableApp under the Directory name of the App, something like:

/windows/Notepad2Portable #for my example.

wine /windows/Notepad2Portable/Notepad2Portable.exe & #will run it.

You can add that as a command under whatever name isn't taken. I use vi, but you can use whatever editor you normally use with sudo. I'd do it like this:

sudo vi /usr/local/bin/notepad2
# nodepad2 - run PortableApp Notepad2Portable.exe from /windows wine /windows/Notepad2Portable/Notepad2Portable.exe &

sudo chmod 775 /usr/local/bin/notepad2

From then on just typing nodepad2 will bring it up from the terminal. If you loaded the full PortableApps platform to /windows it's: wine /windows/PortableApps/Notepad2Portable/Notepad2Portable.exe &

I believe if you download and install the seperate Apps like above you can install them via Linux & wine. The PortableApps platform can't install Apps under Linux & wine, but that is the downloading under PortableApps. If you download with a Linux browser (generally to ~/Downloads) You do as above to install, namely:

wine Notepad2Portable_4.2.25_Rev_2_English.paf.exe #or name of App you want

If you install the full PortableApps you'll find a Start.exe in /windows. Notepad2Portable will come up and can edit any text file or whatever the App would normally be able to edit or do. PortableApps are designed with the full enviroment and libraries they need to be standalone and run as win32. So they are designed to work in Windows3 on up including Win10. If you load the whole platform (PortableApps), it's better to make the little run script with a name like 'pa' to make it easier to type like Unix/Linux/BSD is designed to. I didn't include notes on running Windows stuff from Linux under dual boot, but the key is to run it under ntfs-3g (the main /windows drive that is).
If you still have questions ask them in FSX_GEN. Questions like "Perhaps we should start a FSX_LNX area?" Where these qustions would live. Or use the USENET Linux forums?

I made this file as text at first and then changed it to HTML via txt2html under Ubuntu. There is also the reverse html2text. The line I used was:

html2txt /mystic/PortableApps.txt >PortableApps.html